Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween carving and creating!

Okay so normally I like to do a lot of baking and fun stuff around Halloween. But I tell ya - this year has been a little crazy. I'm not sure where the time went - but it's already Halloween! So, I took the easy way out this year and made a little something fun with the kids. They loved it and it turned out really cute. Check it out!

Witches Hats & Brooms!
All you need is:
Hershey's Kisses
Pretzel Sticks
Fruit by the Foot
It's pretty self explainatory - but all you do is put a dab of frosting on an OREO and put a Hershey's Kiss on top of that. And there's your hat. For the broomstick you just have to cut up a Fruit by the Foot into like 1 inch pieces. Cut the ends so they look freyed and wrap them around the bottom of a pretzel stick. It's as easy as that. Kids LOVE it because they can pretty much do it all themselves!
And of course we carved our pumpkins tonight too. We always wait til the last minute and then cram as much craziness in to one night that we can. It keeps us on our toes! ;)
Happy Hallows Eve everyone! Stay tuned for costume pics!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

CrAzY hAiR dAy!

So last week was red ribbon week at Mason's school. And red ribbon week always comes with all sorts of activities. Every day of the week they had to do something different. One day was "Crazy Hair Day". Mason came home and told me about it. He knew EXACTLY what he wanted to have done. He had it all planned out. He wanted Red on one side... white on the other ... and a black stripe down the middle. (Utes colors... of course!) So we went out and bought all the hair color and fulfilled his wishes. The things we do to make our kids happy.
What a handsome little "cRaZy HaIrEd" kid!!

And don't forget about my sweet little Hallie. She was so proud of her spider hat she made in preschool. She's such a big girl these days. Love ya, Hals!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gardner Village

Every year around Halloween we have to make sure we make it out to Gardner Village to enjoy the festivities and to see all the WITCHES! It was extra fun this year since Hallie is going to be a witch! (not a scary witch... but a "pretty witch"!) For those of you who haven't ever made it there to see it at Halloween ... you must!The kids had a lot of fun. They even got their faces painted. (which is very uncharacteristic of my socially challenged children) I just have to say it again....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Career Day

So I signed Ross up to come to Mason's school and talk about his career. He was a little annoyed at first because he didn't think there was anything exciting about his job. At least not to kids. But I knew that it didn't matter what he did for a living - he could clean up dog poop for all Mason cared - it was just cooler than heck to have his Dad take the time to come to his school. Seriously - you would have thought he was at Disneyland. He was thrilled.

Here's Ross talking about something large, I suppose.

Mason trying on a racecar driver uniform! (a little big ... but give him time. He'll grow into it!)
Look at that face!
Thanks, Dad - you'll always be my hero no matter what you do!

SNOW!.. wait, seriously??

I know... what the crap? I couldn't believe it either. We woke up a couple of weeks ago to THIS! It's only October. And this was the beginning of October too. I mean, every now and then we get a little snow in October. But this was A LOT! So... needless to say, we had to take advantage of it and let the kids have a little fun. Mason was so excited he could hardly stand it. So... after winning an argument about why he couldn't wear his football clothes out in the snow, they had a blast!

A lot of people get annoyed with the cold and the snow... but not me. I am a HUGE fan of the snow. I think it's exciting. I love everything about it. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I have always been a big snow skiier. But seriously... that is one of the big reasons why I love living in Utah. There's something magical about cuddling up inside a warm house while you watch the snow flurries outside your window. Honestly ... I love it! So to all this I say...


Back to Blogging!

Wow! It's weird how out of touch you feel with the world when you stop blogging for a while. The hard drive on Ross' laptop died a while back and we just barely got it going again. I must say... it's good to be back. I have a lot to catch up on, so you might hear a lot from me over the next little while.

In the mean time... here is a funny picture of Cole wanting to be like his big brother. Honestly... Mason could do nothing wrong in Cole's eyes. If Mason laughs, Cole laughs... if Mason goes outside, Cole bangs his hands on the door to go outside... if Mason has a ball, Cole has to have a ball. It's really rather adorable if I do say so myself.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Football Update

Okay so y'all know about the current football
obsession we deal with on a daily basis with
Mason. I thought I would give you a little update.

After limiting him to 3 football days a week, he is doing much better. He knows his boundaries and he seems to be sticking by them. Don't go thinkin' he doesn't still beg me to play on his off days - but he seems to be understanding why we had to do this and somehow he just gets it. I tell ya... I am a firm believer that kids need boundaries. It helps them to behave to their highest potential.

Don't get me wrong... we still have our days - he is every bit (if not more) obsessed than ever on his football days. He tries to fit as much football in on those days as he possibly can.

He usually spends most of the day begging his dad to come outside and play football with him. He will literally sit out on the lawn with his helmet on and his football in his hand until Daddy is home from work - and ready to play.

And if for some reason Daddy can't play - or is taking too long he will resort to playing with his little sister.

Hallie doesn't love football. In fact - I might go as far as to say she hates it. But when it comes to hangin' with her big brother - there isn't too much she wouldn't do.

Ya know it just goes to show ya that even though your kids fight like cats and dogs sometimes and you think that one day they might kill each other ... they really do love and look up to each other deep down. Just more of those moments that make motherhood worth while.

With every problem there are always better days ahead.

I can finally see the light!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tagged AGAIN.

Apparently I have been tagged by Paula - so here goes...

What I was doing 10 years ago:
1- Pretending to go to college
2- Living at home
3- Dating
4- Wondering where I would be in 10 years
5- Wasting a lot of time

5 things on my to do list today:
1- Clean my house!
2- Make dinner for Angie
3- Spend some quality time with my kids
4- Call every store I know to see if they have a Wii in stock - It's on the Clark's Christmas list this year!
5- Go to mutual

5 favorite snacks
1- Chips and salsa
2- Apples and cheese
3- Rolled up Honey Smoked Turkey from Costco
4- Grapes
5- Chocolate

5 jobs I have had:
1- Gart Sports
2- Nordstroms
3- Lone Star Steakhouse
4- K-mart (ya - you heard me!)
5- Deseret First Credit Union

5 things I would do with a million dollars:
1- Help everyone in my family get out of debt
2- Pay off house and car
3- Donate to those in need
4- Save

5 things that made me laugh this week:
1- My hilarious kids
2- The Office
3- Thinking about my Dad's funny story last week. (you had to be there)
4- People watching at the boutique with Ashley
5- Pricing bows with Sarah babe

5 people I tag ,to answer these same questions:
1- Tina
2- Andrea
3- Ashley
4- Lisa
5- Jill

Monday, October 6, 2008

A little dirt never hurt...

The other day Mason and Ross were out playing football, so I decided to let Cole join them and roam around in the grass. He just loves to be a part of whatever everyone else is doing. When I came out to check on him, this is what I saw... He was just hangin' out, eatin' a little dirt. No biggie. He had a huge smile on his face when I came out - so I think he was really enjoying it. I just had to grab my camera! You guys - this kid just lights up my life. Cheesy - but true. Cole, I love ya buddy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

Actually no .. I most definately cannot dance. But this post is long overdue. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Leslie offered me a ticket to the "So You Think You Can Dance" concert. I was so dang excited I could hardly stand it. We had so much fun. I don't know if any of you watch this show - but I am HOOKED. I absolutely love it. It is one of my favorite shows. This season was amazing and the concert was even better! Seriously - if you are ever considering going to one - DO IT! It will without a doubt be worth it!

Luckily Leslie was just as big of a fan (actually probably bigger) - so I had someone to talk about it with. The difference between me and Les is - Leslie CAN dance! She's amazing! She knows "Gev" who was in the top 10 on the show. He's amazing.
Thanks, Leslie! I had a GREAT time!


Well... so the boutique was a ton of fun! I met some new really fun people and had a good time. I can't honestly say that I made a killing. (okay I barely broke even) - but I had a lot of fun regardless.

These are my boutiquing neighbors - it was a pleasure hangin' with you gals! Love ya, Tina and Ash!

So, a big thanks to all of you who came out to support me. I really appreciate it. If I have the ambition to do it again, you can find "Sweet n Sassy" at the next boutique in December! Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet -n- Sassy


Sweet -n- Sassy
Hair Bows by Amy

Okay so I kinda got myself into a little business endeavor. I'm not sure whether it was a smart idea or not. I'll tell ya in a couple of days. Anyway... I need everybody's support! My good friend, Tina is having this huge, fun boutique this weekend, and I have decided to make hair bows and sell them there. So, cross your fingers for me that it will go well. If I don't make my millions, then pray that I at least break even so my husband doesn't lock me out of the house! ;) (just teasing - he is being extremely supportive) Here are pictures of just a few. (and when I say that I mean JUST A FEW) Let's just say my basement is FILLED with bows and I have hot glue coming out my ears!!

So, if any of you are looking for something fun to do this weekend - you need to stop by! Here are the details:

Simply Chic Boutique

Friday and Saturday, October 3rd & 4th

From 10 am until 8 pm

2200 South Orchard Drive


(Across from Dick's Market - the old "Family Fabrics" building)

Don't feel obligated to come by any means - but if you are in need of some hair bows or any other fun girly stuff, or just want to do some shopping - please stop by! I would love to chit chat! Otherwise - if you ever need any hair bows - you know who to call!!

Thank you - it was nice doing business with y'all! ;)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Okay so today is my sweet sister-in-law's birthday. So, I just had to say ...

Happy Birthday, Andrea!

For those of you who don't know Andrea - I just have to tell you... she is the best. I never had a sister growing up, and I am just so happy to have her in my life now. She is the sister I never had. I truly could not think of a more loving, sweet person to have in my life.

I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this - but over the past year, Andrea has been fighting a rough go with Cancer. She has gone through a lot recently and I just want her to know how much I love her and want her to know that she will always be my hero for what she has gone through and how well she has come through it. I truly look up to her as a mother, a sister and a friend.

I wish we could be there to celebrate your birthday with you ... Please know how much I love you, Andrea. I mean that with all my heart. And I'm so glad you are doing better.