Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've decided that Halloween just isn't my holiday. I mean, don't get me wrong - it's all sorts of fun and excitement - but it's all just a little overwhelming to me. This year was especially that way. Between the dance performances, the school parties, the pumpkin carving and the trick-or-treating, I'm just glad I'm still standing.

Seriously though - your kids have their EXACT ideas of what they want to be - and heaven forbid you don't find it.... so you drive to every Walmart, Target and ShopKo in the valley to find it. I literally walked in the door to my house at midnight on the night before Mason's school party with his costume. It would help if every freaking kid didn't have to be "Snake Eyes" along with him. But of course, that's the main reason why he wanted to be him - if every other 7 year old boy didn't want to be Snake Eyes - then why would he?

Then of course when I ask Hal what she wants to be - she comes up with "A Marrying Girl" (aka: a BRIDE). A Bride? Seriously? Not a princess or a fairy or heaven forbid something NOT wearing a poofy dress - A BRIDE! And of course, with her being the only girl in the house - like always, I get a little (just a tiny bit) out of control with the whole thing. My awesome friend Kristy made her a veil, hooked us up with a killer dress and helped us find her all the necessary accessories to be the perfect bride! Seriously - like I've said many times before... perfectionism and Halloween just do not mix well. She would have been perfectly happy in any old white dress with some flowers - but I of course went all out. I have issues. And then of course, the entire time trick-or-treating, she was tripping over her dress, trying to keep up with all the running "big kids". So most of the night was filled with tears and lots of whining.

And by the time I made the 2 oldest ones happy, I was too exhausted to worry about the 2 youngest ones. So Cole ended up in Hal's old "Chicken" costume - with no clue what was going on - and Noah got Dashy's old "Tiger". (What can I say - I used up all my effort on the other 2)

So with much hard work I present to you -




& last, but not least...



...and here's Hal as a the"MUMMY" at her Dance performance. Cutest Mummy I ever did see!!


Hope yours was as fun as mine!