Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cole's 1st Birthday

So as you already know from a previous post ... my little Cole turned ONE! I still have a hard time believing it. It isn't right how fast time goes. Anyway - over the years I've learned with each child that first birthdays don't require much of a celebration, since the birthday child usually doesn't even know what's going on. So, we got together at my in-laws and had cupcakes and ice cream. As you can see - he didn't like the cupcake at all! Anyway... it turned out to be a great day. He seemed to enjoy it, regardless of his confusion. He's such an amazing little boy. He has been since day one. Couldn't possibly love the kid more.

Happy Birthday, baby!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Christmas re-cap

Okay so it's the end of March - so I thought, What better time to start than CHRISTMAS?! So... here's a little Christmas time re-cap for ya.
At our ward Christmas party, Mason and Hals were asked to go up on stage and participate in the Nativity. Hal was supposed to be an "Angel". Now I'm not sure if it's typical of the Heavenly Angels who were present at Christ's birth to have frowns on their faces, and their fingers in their mouth - but apparently there was one special little angel who did just that. Hallie played that part perfectly! This was one of Hallie's typical stage fright moments where she froze. Although I'm fairly sure that acting won't be in Hallie's future, I must say, she was the cutest little angel I've ever laid eyes on!
And Mason was asked to be one of the 3 wisemen. We struggled to come up with the costume, but he sure did a great job. Stood up there like a trooper. What a handsome little wiseman! As you can see, he was towards the back of the stage, trying to peek around someone so that I could take his picture. Good job, M.J.!!

And of course, what's Christmas without SANTA, right? Well, naturally... Hallie was terrified to sit on Santa's lap herself. I almost didn't get her to do it. But I talked her into doing it if she sat on his lap with Mason at the same time. I tell ya - that girl loves her big brother. If Mason is with her, she'll do anything. So, as she waited in line, Mason held her hand and they made it through. It was so adorable, I just had to get a picture of it.

And together we had success! They made it to his lap. (isn't he the cutest Santa you've ever seen?)

And for Cole's first time on Santa's lap, he did awesome! He couldn't take his eyes off him... but he did great. I was so proud of him!

Anyway... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! (better late than never, right?)