Sunday, November 23, 2008

Go Utes

At this moment in time... all I'd really like to say is...


It's a fine year to be a Utes fan.



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3-share 6 non-important things habits/quirks about yourself

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OK here we go 6 non important things things about me:

1- I just got a CELL PHONE! I know - sad! (but at least I don't have to use my husband's anymore)
2- I cannot leave the house without a rubber band on my finger. (c'mon - admit it... we all have a little OCD in us. Some of us more than others -me! - but still!)

3- I am officially obsessed with a fictional vampire. (but I'm not telling you who it is)

4- I have at least one case of extreme nausea a day. (and I refuse to see anymore doctors about it - so don't even say it)
5- I always stay up late - even when I'm exhausted... which is so stupid. But it's like an addiction - I can't stop!

6- I still feel like I'm a teenager.

Here are my six victims:


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Disney on Ice!

We had so much fun at Disney on Ice this year! It was seriously an awesome one. I kind of had to drag Mason there half kicking and screaming - but in the end he was glad he went.

My kids have yet to go to Disneyland... so this is the closest to "the Happiest Place on Earth" that they get for now! (sorry kids)

Oh...and don't ever get those dang snow cones in a collector's cup - no matter how hard they beg. It isn't worth it. I came home sticky and wet!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party Party Party!

So lately it has just been almost impossible to find time to keep my blog up to date. Anyway... here are some pictures of the various partying we did for Hal's birthday. I swear - that girl got a birthday party every day for a week. I'm tellin' ya - she is quite the little princess in our home. She successfully got us to drag her birthday out for an entire week. Parties left and right. Anyway... here are some random pictures.

So I'm a push over and let her have a "friend party" this year. I know... some of you moms probably think I'm crazy - and I probably am. She's just watched Mason have so many parties that I wanted to make it kinda special this year. So anyway... she really wanted to swim for her party - so we went to the Rec Center with all of her friends. Before we went swimming, we had pizza, cake & ice cream and opened presents.

And here's the good lookin' crew right before we headed to the pool!

And of course, we had to bring Sarah along for the party. Sarah is our favorite babysitter (and one of my good friends) - she was nice enough to come along and help us out. Hallie was so happy she was at her party. Thanks, Sar! I love ya.

And a birthday party would not be complete without the cake! Here are the 2 cakes we enjoyed at our parties. I limited ourselves to 2 cakes during all the chaos. ( I know... I'm mean)

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

So it's been over a week since my mom's birthday - but I couldn't let it go by without mentioning it. For those of you who know my mom, you know that she is the ultimate, super grandma! I think my kids truly think of her as their own personal super hero. If there was ever an ideal, super spoiling grandma - my mom is it! My kids absolutely adore her - and she has earned every ounce of it. There truly isn't anything that she wouldn't do for her grandchildren.

I can only hope that one day I can be the kind of person that she has become. We can all only hope that our grandkids will one day look at us the way my kids look at my mom.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! We love you so much.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My little girl turned 4!!!

Honestly please if somebody knows how to slow time down - I need to know. I cannot believe my little girl is 4! Hallie has always seemed like my little baby. She is FOUR now and well on her way to being just a "little girl". It is so hard for me, as a mom to know that I can never get that time back with my kids. I can't ever have a 3-year-old Hallie again. That probably sounds lame to some of you... but it honestly makes me really sad. I mean seriously... wasn't I just in high school? It seems so weird to me that now I am watching my children grow up before my eyes and starting to feel OLD! How did that happen? ANYWAY... "yadda, yadda, yadda"...

Top 10 things I LOVE about MY Hals: (in no particular order)
  1. She has the most contageous laugh you have ever heard.
    2. She really and truly believes that she's a "princess". (and she is, of course)
    3. Her eyes twinkle when she smiles. We always say she smiles with her eyes.
    4. She is such a free spirit. Anything goes with Hal.
    5. She is so smart. She learns things right along with her big brother.
    6. Her dancing! (You think I'm kidding - but she really can dance)
    7. I can always make her smile - even when she's really, really mad... all I have to do is smile at her and she'll smile back. (probably my favorite)
    8. Her undying love and excitement for life.
    9. She has an unbelievable imagination. She could sing to herself for hours.
    10. She cries for a good 10 minutes if anyone leaves the house without saying "goodbye" to her. She has a very tender heart.

I cannot imagine my life without this girl! She brings peace and happiness into our home that could never be replaced. I love her with all the pieces of my heart.
Happy Birthday, Hallie girl!


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Some pics of our trick or treating experience!

Ross was very proud of his Utes pumpkin!


Picture Tag

Rules: Go to your pictures, open the 4th folder, find the 4th picture & post it.

Here is what I found...

My sweet little ballerina before a performance. What a cute little backside!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Drum Roll Please....

dddddddddddddddddddddd.......(that's a drum roll)..........


Isn't this just the cutest little monkey you've ever seen? This was Cole's first Halloween - and I couldn't stop sqeezing him ALL DAY. The poor kid got squeezed silly! He was in shock all day. He couldn't figure out what was going on!

Why was everyone dressed so funny with crazy hair and big hats on their heads. He couldn't figure it out. The poor kid just sat and stared at everyone all day trying to figure it out. But he seemed to have fun.

By the time the night was over with he was so tired. I think he went to bed wondering if they day really happened - or if it was just a dream.

Okay and I know you are all SHOCKED to find out that Mason decided to be a football player. It was a shocker to me too. Needless to say, we didn't have to search too far to find his costume. He just had to decide which team he wanted to be.

We ended up going to "Play It Again Sports" and buying him some real football pants with pads to go along with it. Boy was he thrilled. He thought he was the coolest kid on the planet. Bless his little heart... he honestly thought that when he went places that people would think that he was a professional football player. You could just tell that his ego was sky high that day. (which is great with me for a change)

He wanted Ross to be a football player with him... but since he didn't have any football jerseys in his wardrobe ... Mason settled for Daddy being a soccer player. What a good Daddy.

Now tune in next year to see what he decides to be. If it's a repeat then you know we've got a real problem!!

So we all know that "a witch" wasn't exactly Hallie's first choice of costumes. Her first decisions included the usual princesses, Aurora, Ariel, Belle ... etc... etc... But mean ol' mom decided that she needed to branch out a bit and be a little different. So, after explaining to her that not all witches are scary and ugly - that there are good witches that are beautiful and happy... she agreed to it on one condition... she said "I'll be a witch if you will be a witch with me, Mommy!" So... guess what I was for Halloween??

I found the most adorable, "Princessy" looking witch costume you have ever seen. (and the price will remain unknown) It was the perfect little "Hallie witch" - lots of sparkles and extra purple rather than black! We even colored our hair PINK - (because Hallie cannot dress up without a touch of pink involved!).

So, for those of you who think all witches are scary and ugly... check out this beautiful witch!!