Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Swimming Lessons - (it's rough)

What have I been up to the past few weeks, you ask? I'll tell you - swimming lessons! Now most of you may assume that there must be other things taking up Amy's time besides swimming lessons... but you would be assuming wrong. Let's just say that when the lessons are from noon - 1:00 - every single day for two weeks it tends to consume your whole day. How does that work.? Well, now there's no need to remind y'all that mornings just aren't my thing - so needless to say, just simply getting up, feeding the kids and getting us all to swimming by noon is more than enough to fill up my mornings! And then after an hour of cheering on my 2 swimmers, hauling them home (wet), bathing them and getting them dressed and ready for the rest of the day - I'm pooped! I might as well call it a day, because anything else I accomplish is a miracle. So, when Ross gets home and asks me what we did - and every single day I say "we went to swimming lessons" - what can I say, I'm lucky we did that!

Well, on the bright side... the kids are doing awesome at swimming! Bar a few days of bribery to get them to lay on their backs and threatening them to get them to go in the deep end - they've done excellent! I'm very proud of my little fishies. They can definately hold their own. They've worked hard and faced their fears and I really believe that our consistency has paid off. So yeah! (pat myself on the back) We did it! And now we get a week off! Unfortunately, my week off will be spent away from my kids at Girl's Camp - but what d' ya do? The blessings will follow, I'm sure! Sigh...

Friday, June 20, 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I think I can!

Okay so all I hear these days is "blog" this and "blog" that... so here I am gettin' my "blog"on. I put it off for so long, because I figured I didn't know how. But, then I remembered my favorite little train who made it up that darn hill (or whatever it was he was trying to do), and I told myself, "I think I can!" And looky looky! Amy's got a blog! Cuz "everybody's doin' it" - and what can I say? I like to fit in! I must say, though ... my buddy Ang was my biggest inspiration. So, thanks Ang, babe! Love ya!
So... don't set your expectations too high, and I'll do my best to make this exciting. I do enjoy this kind of a thing. I must say, it's right up my ally. Although, as many of you are aware - I am a bit of a perfectionist. Okay, let's be honest - I'm OCD and if it aint done right - I aint gonna do it! So, I'm obsessing a little bit over this whole blog thing and can't get it to work out just the way I want it to. Like, for instance - why are the font choices so limited? I am a font girl, and I need cute fonts in order to really enjoy this blogging experience. If anyone can give me some insight regarding this matter, it would be much appreciated. So, anyway - here's' my blog. It's under construction and bound to change a million times before I get it right. But - enjoy... or don't.

Life's good.

Mason kicked some butt playing with the "White Wolves" this year. He really enjoyed it and tried hard this time. And Mason once again grew up a little more and learned to ride his bike without training wheels. For a while there, I didn't think we'd get him off of it. I think he would have slept with the darn bike if he could. Just more of those moments that you wish you could pause! We have a good life.

Best Christmas present EVER!

On December 20th, we were blessed with our best Christmas present ever... our new baby brother! Cole Ross Clark weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. What a blessing... I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas! I got home from the hospital the day before Christmas Eve and our house has been filled with joy ever since. It's amazing how your heart can equally love each one of your children.

Santa Claus

So this was the first year without tears on Santa's lap! I couldn't believe it. I really thought Hallie would break down. But she was a trooper. Maybe she was in shock - who knows? Regardless... I'm super glad we had smiles this year! Mason asked for a football costume and Hal wanted "pretty lips" (which of course means lip gloss, not plastic surgery)


So the snowman on the left was the original one built by Mason and Grandpa Gordy... but of course Daddy couldn't be outdone by grandpa, so he and Mason built a bigger one! We love the snow! Utah is a great place to live.

Our little Gracie!

Hallie Grace Clark - What a gal!

Cinderella & Spiderman

What's cooler than a superhero and a princess? I can't think of anything! Needless to say, we had one killer halloween! (even though mommy was 7 1/2 months pregnant)


We went to ARIZONA in October to see Grandma and Grandpa and our cousins! This is Mason & Hals with Landon.

Hallie the Ballerina!

Hallie often gets lost in the mix of things, patiently living in the shadow of her big brother. So, we finally put her in dance last October. And of course... she is a natural! Princesses usually are pretty good dancers. No, but really... without sounding too bias - she has some talent. She may not show it in public, but the girl has skills! Anyway, she loves dance, and we are very proud of her. This is her on her first day of dance!

The 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Would it qualify me as nuts if I told you that I have tears in my eyes just looking at these? This day may very well qualify as the saddest day of my life, thus far! Okay, so it was bitter-sweet (heavy on the bitter!), but I may have cried myself out of tears that day! My little Mason grew up overnight! How does that happen? Is there a way we can push "pause" so that we don't miss anything? I truly can't think too much about it, or I go into depression. I love this kid! He's been my best bud for as long as I can remember!

Lemonade, Anyone?

So what if we had to call a few people and beg them to drive by our lemonade stand? Our stand wasn't exactly on a main road, ok? Mason and his girls, Belle and Laney, they know how to make a slammin' glass of lemonade. (with fresh lemons, of course - nice touch, Ang!)


That's right! We ride 4-wheelers, and fish too. We are very well rounded. You name it - we do it. The Clarks = F.U.N.!!

Why Purple?

I always give Ross crap because he refuses to pick up a camera. That's why there are far more pictures with "Daddy" than there are with "Mommy". It's a rough life for me ... ha ha! Love ya babe! Daddy & Hallie at the Zoo about a year ago. We love the Zoo! And or course Mason (in perfect form, I might add) kickin' butt for the "Purple Dragons". I probably don't have to tell you that he was devastated to have to be the purple team. The poor kid never gets the color he wants! "life's tough"!


So, as it turns out I'm a bit of a "picture taker". If I could organize myself enough to get myself into photography, I would do it. But I'm certain that is not in my near future, so for now I just do the best that I can. So since I've lost so much time in the "bloggin' world", I thought I would share a few pictures from the past year or so ... so I give you ... US!