Sunday, August 30, 2009

He's HERE!

Don't pass out, everyone - but yes... I am POSTING ON MY BLOG! Ugh. I don't know what to say about that exactly. I think I just got overwhelmed with how behind I was and gave up. But here I am - giving it another shot. I am not a quitter! So - even though it's a couple days later than I promised (Angie) - at least I'm doin' it! Anyway... be patient with me while I try and catch up. There's a lot to post about.

Ok... moving on!

Here's a picture of me 2 weeks ago - as miserable as can be. Let's just say that this pregnancy did me in! It was quite possibly the most miserable 9 months of my life. I can't think of a day where I didn't wake up nauseated and sick. It was rough. But I took it a day at a time and finally the end was in sight. All of you who are close to me know that I was literally counting down the days in the end. Time couldn't move fast enough. I might have even stayed awake the entire night prior to going to the hospital.
Anyway - the point is - I'm glad it's over.

Which brings me to proudly announce that 11 days ago I brought our 4th (and final, I might add) beautiful child into this world. This makes 3 boys and a 1 princess for us.

I'd like to introduce to you -

7 lbs 2 oz - 19 inches

There aren't words for how grateful I am to have 4 beautiful, healthy and happy children. I'm filled with emotion as I look back at my life and how I got here. I feel so blessed to be trusted with these amazing little people. There is no way to discribe the wonderful feeling a new baby brings into your home. It is truly a miracle.
I may be slightly partial - but he is truly perfect!

My 2 adorable kids - excited as can be - to see their new little brother. Aren't those the 2 cutest faces you've ever seen?

My poor little Cole. Let's just say that he was "less than excited" to see our new arrival. He really had no clue what was coming. He has been my spoiled little baby for 20 months now - and the ultimate center of our attention - until now. Whenever he would come to see us in the hospital he wouldn't even look at me. It was so hard for me. I've never had one of my kids act like that before. I suppose it's because he's so much younger. But it was hard.

However - as you can see - he's warming up and adjusting very quickly. He still doesn't quite understand the term "soft" - but we are learning!

FOUR KIDS! I can't believe it!

So, all in all we are doing great. Thrilled to finally complete our family of 6! Ask me in a couple of months how I am adjusting. As of right now, I am still recovering from my 4th C-section and welcoming this little one into our family.

Stay tuned! ... There WILL be more.


paula said...

GOod Job! Now could you blog about Dash?

angie said...

Welcome back! I love him and I love your pics. and no need to rush into things, take it slow, your fans will wait!!!

Andie and her Boys said...

Congratulations Amy! Absolutely adorable little baby!!

Thiago & Teri said...

So glad you posted. I never see you, so I love to keep up this way. He really is absolutely perfect Amie. You guys are a beautiful, beautiful family and he just completes you all. Congrats again, and you look so great!!

kay said...

Wow. You know how to grow 'em. He is beautiful.

Greg and Heather said...

He is so cute!! Congratulations!!! I promise four is doable (although I can't guarantee that 4 kids and a clean house is doable) :)
I love all your pictures.
Hooray for blogs & the return to blogs to keep family up to date. :)

Jenni said...

Congratulations!! What a darling baby he is! And a clean house and clean kids IS DOABLE!!! Of course I have MAJOR OCD but you will have a ball and it only gets easier ( and harder in the sense of crazy older kids schedules) as time goes on! What a darling family you have and a family of 6 is PERFECT!!!

Andrea said...

OH.MY.GOSH. He is so flippin' cute! Amy, you don't know how excited I was on Wednesday, waiting by the phone for the first call to let me know my newest nephew was here! It was all I could think about! I wish we could have been there, really I do. He is a doll and I can't wait to meet him in person and hold him...for a VERY LONG TIME!! I am just letting you know in advance that I might hogg him. Sorry, that's an aunt's job!
Hope you are doing well, too Ames. Take it easy and let your body recover. You've been through a lot. Love you all and give all 4 of those darling kids a kiss from me. I talked to Hals on the phone the other day and it did my heart good. I love those kids. Take care and we will see you guys real soon. the White house... said...

He is beautiful! Four kids is rough, but worth it. I go to bed every night exhausted, and sometimes grumpy, but I do love our 4 "blessings"!

Good luck...let me know how your doing!!

Kristi said...

He is so cute! What a sweetheart. I've been thinking of you and I hope things are going well. Congratulations!

Russon said...

Congratulations!! I am glad to see you posting again-although I'm not very good at it, I expect everyone else to be!! Congrats on your new little one!!

Alexia said...

He is soooooooooooo cute! Did you know we found out that my mom is having a girl?